Explore London

Explore London

London is classic, diverse and bursting with culture!

London is a truly metropolitan city – it gathers together people from all over the world and can truly offer something for everyone’s taste. Since the city is so big, we have prepared a guide for the most popular London areas. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of cool events to visit, while you are visiting London for N&G 2020.

Central London

Covent Garden

Head to this part of the city for culture, music, restaurants, bars and some shopping. It is a very popular location for some socializing and end-of-the-workday relax.

West End

If you happen to be in the West End area of Central London, make sure you take a stroll along Oxford street – one of the biggest shopping streets in the city. If you are into luxury shopping, or even just for the window shopping, check out Bond Street and Regent Street. Pass through Piccadilly Circus and look up to see the iconic advertisements. Have a walk around Leicester Square and check out one of the biggest M&M shops in the world. You can also head to Chinatown, which is a dream for photographers and offers a whole new world of culture in the heart of London.

South Bank and Waterloo

The South Bank and Waterloo area are most famous for the London Eye, a huge Ferris wheel, giving you an incredible view over the city. Right across London Eye, over Westminster bridge are the Houses of parliament and one of the most famous clock towers in the world: Big Ben. The Tate Modern is also located on the South bank, so if you are interested in modern art, it is a must.

City of London

The city of London is a business hub, but also where the Shard, one of London’s famous skyscrapers is located. If you are interested in culture and heritage, pass through Tower Bridge and visit the famous Tower of London and be aware of the ravens – they bite.

North London

Camden Town

Buzzing with street art, live music and famous markets, the most popular being Camden Market, this part of the city is a great place to visit for a walk. If you prefer to stay away from the crowd head to Primrose Hill, which offers a great view over the city, best enjoyed during a picnic with friends and colleagues.

West London

South Kensington

With mostly celebrities and the very rich living there, South Kensington is a lovely place to visit for the picturesque houses and beautiful walks, but also for the variety of museum and tourist attractions. The most popular site to visit is the Buckingham Palace, which is only open to the public in July and September. You can also take a walk to Kensington Palace through Hyde Park, and visit the Serpentine Galleries. Then you should plan some time for museum visits. South Kensington is home of the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum, with all 3 offering exclusive exhibitions all year round.

East London

Hoxton and Shoreditch

Famous for being the new hipster area, full of street art and artistic cafes, the area is a great place to visit if you fancy modern vibes and exotic cuisine. If you fancy a bargain, you should visit Brick Lane and the famous market hosted there.

Waltham Forest

This is the 2019 London Borough of Culture: trendy installations and art pop up there all the time. A great place to visit would be God’s Own Junkyard, where you can see the largest collection on neon signs in Europe.

South London


Brixton has strong ties with the Caribbean, it is buzzing with trendy restaurants, pubs and nightlife, and is also known to be the birthplace of David Bowie.


Matilda, The Musical
Until May 24, 2020

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Until March 31, 2020

Tim Walker: Wonderful Things
Sep 7, 2019 to March 8, 2020