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Carlo Agostoni and Silvia Bettocchi

Carlo Agostoni
Silvia Bettocchi


This chapter includes recent studies performed in the area of nutrition and cognition. Brain growth and cognitive performance are influenced by several factors starting with the periconceptional period and gestation, as well as early childhood. During these critical phases, maternal and infant nutrition, but also other factors influencing neurodevelopment, should be monitored to optimize the offspring cognitive attitude in later life; this topic has been behind our research.

Several articles, published between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021 have been evaluated, and the most interesting have been selected. Accordingly, original articles comprising randomized controlled trials (RCTs), observational studies, and reviews regarding the association between specific nutrients, environmental factors, and cognition have been included in this chapter.

The selected articles have been collected into 3 categories, respectively:
b. Micronutrients
c. Nutrients and environment


Key Referenced Articles

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Nutrients and Environment
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