The Physiology and Mechanism of Growth

The Physiology and Mechanism of Growth

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The Physiology and Mechanism of Growth


Primož Kotnik, Jarod Wong, and Moshe Phillip

Primož Kotnik
Jarod Wong
Jarod Wong
Dr Moshe Phillip
Moshe Phillip


In the present chapter, an international group of endocrinologists tried to select some of the most important articles dealing with the physiology of growth published in the period from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. We specially looked for articles that shed more light on
the already known mechanisms related to linear growth and those dealing with the interaction between nutrition and growth.
We have tried our best to select some of the best manuscripts published in the specific period on this topic. We are aware of the possibility that we might have missed some other very important manuscripts, but hope that reading the chapter, the summary of the abstracts, and the comments of the authors will encourage the reader to explore the literature for more relevant publications.

Key Referenced Articles

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