Session Trailers

Session Trailers

Are you curious to find out who will be the top speakers presenting at N&G 2021?! Our special video gallery will give you a first glance at what you can expect from different sessions, what topics will be addressed, why they are important and who will be presenting them.

Dr. Jan-Maarten Wit
Diagnostic Approach of Short and Tall Children

Dr. Barry Bogin – Fear, Violence, Inequality and Stunting in

Dr. Magnus Domellöf – Iron Supplementation &
Parenteral Nutrition and Transition to Enteral

Dr. Rosan Meyer – Early Cow Milk Exposure:
Beneficial or Harmful?

Dr. Zulfiqar Bhutta
Do We Improve Growth With Zinc Supplementation?

Dr. Clancy Blair
The Energy Demand of the Brain in Childhood: Links to Cognitive Development and Obesity

Dr. Antonella Diamanti
Enteral Access Device in Children on Enteral Nutrition

Dr. Hania Szajewska
EAACI Guidelines for Food Allergy Prevention: What is New?