Why Attend

Why Attend

N&G 2023 is the place to be if you want to be up-to-date with the Nutrition and Growth field.

We will bring together great professionals and spark prolific discussion about the latest developments in the nutrition and growth in the pediatric age group.

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Nutrition and Growth in the pediatric age group is essential for the vital early development of children. The topic of proper nutrition has been the focus of numerous research.

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Hear the latest breakthroughs in Nutrition and Growth and join us to harness the power of knowledge in a rigorous scientific and quality assured debate.

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N&G 2023 is the place to be! Boost your professional network, fuel your career opportunities and connections, and exchange ideas with the best in the field.

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Get inspired as you hear firsthand the latest research findings, scientific news, and trends from the N&G field brought to you by great professionals and researchers.

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Connect with an international society of like-minded people and give your ideas and research global exposure. Participating in N&G 2023 allows more people to notice you.

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