Scientific Program

Scientific Program

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Updated as of 26 November, 2019.
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Scientific Highlights

Below you’ll find a few of the session topics and speakers to get a taste of the high quality science that will be presented at this highly anticipated Conference.

State-of-the-Art Lecture

Breastfeeding as a dynamic process Jonathan Wells (UK)

Complementary feeding session

  • Historical and comparative aspects of complementary feeding Lawrence Weaver (UK)
  • Developmental readiness of the term infant to receive complementary feeding Mary Fewtrell (UK)
  • Appropriate age for the introduction of complementary feeding into an infant’s diet: the 2019 EFSA Scientific Opinion Dominique Turck (France)

Nutrition and gut microbiota session

  • Microbiota as a target. What is new in 2020? Hania Szajewska (Poland)
  • Human milk microbiota Meghan Azad (Canada)
  • Gut microbiota and obesity in children Ronit Lubetzky (Israel)
  • Microbiota and growth Judd Walson (USA)

Development of food preferences: determinants and interventions session

  • Early development of food preferences in children in relation with the senses Sophie Nicklaus (France)
  • Is eating greens in your genes? Genetic and environmental contributions to food preferences Alison Fildes (UK)
  • The role of parents in developing healthy eating patterns in children: the NOURISH RCT Lynne Daniels (Australia)

Nutritional strategies for allergy prevention session

  • Allergy to eggs Debbie Palmer (Australia)
  • Allergy to milk Yvan Vandenplas (Belgium)
  • Allergy to peanuts Gideon Lack (UK)

Born too small session

  • A global perspective Hannah Blencowe (UK)
  • Long term metabolic consequences Martijn Finken (The Netherlands)
  • Nutritional approach Walter Mihatsch (Germany)

Human milk: processing and fortification session

  • Efficacy of donor milk Neena Modi (UK)
  • Fortification Dror Mandel (Israel)
  • Pasteurization processes Sertac Srslanoglu (Turkey)

Yearbook session

  • The Physiology and Mechanism of Growth: Primož Kotnik (Slovenia)
  • Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and Nutrition: Shlomit Shalitin (Israel)
  • Nutrition, Epigenetic and Growth: Berthold Koletzko (Germany)
  • Term and Preterm Infants: Dominique Turck  (France)
  • Cognition: Carlo Agostoni (Italy)
  • Nutrition and Growth in Chronic Diseases: Anat Guz-Mark (Israel)
  • Early Nutrition and Its Effect on Growth, Body Composition and Later Obesity: Kim F Michaelsen (Denmark)
  • Malnutrition and Catch-Up Growth during Childhood and Puberty: Michal Yacobovitch-Gavan (Israel)
  • Pregnancy: Impact of Maternal Nutrition on Intrauterine Fetal Growth: Yariv Yogev (Israel)
  • Stunting of Growth in Developing Countries: Helen Nabwera (UK)